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Rebuilt & Used Transfer Cases

New, Used & Remanufactured Transfer Cases & Cores
Midwest Transmission Distributors carries new, used and remanufactured transfer cases and cores for most makes and models. Call our auto part experts today to find the best part for your vehicle and your budget. 

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Transfer Cases and Differentials Explained

Transfer cases and transfer differentials are two important terms to know regarding 4-wheel drive vehicles. If you are a gear head or just want to learn more about your own 4 wheel drive vehicle then you will surely want to learn as much as you can about their functions and how they are important to making off road vehicles do what they do best. Here is a brief article explaining the roles of each and what their functions are.

Transfer Cases

The transfer case is what gives power to your vehicles axels on both ends. On Diesel Trucks there are two different drive shafts that power each axle. This is what makes it a four wheel drive vehicle. Two wheel drives dont have the rear drive shaft and their front drive shaft is connected to their transmission.
The transfer case works by getting power from the transmissions. The engines work to power the transmission and the transfer case will direct that energy (power) to go to the specified drive shaft or drive shafts (when in 4-wheel drive mode).

It is usually located right on the back of the transmission because that is where it receives all of its information. The transfer case is controlled usually by a separate shifter located near the normal gear shifter in manual transmissions or on the floor or by a simple press of a button on automatic transmissions.

Transfer Differentials

Transfer differentials have 3 main functions; they direct power to the wheels, they control the speed of the transmission so that a gear change doesnt grind with the wheels and it is a more smooth transition, and they also control how fast each wheel rotates on an individual basis. Since vehicles wheels always spin at different speeds (especially when turning), the differentials work to transfer the energy required to let the wheels slip and spin at different speeds. Without the differentials or Transfer Case, the wheels would have to always spin at the same speed and would lock up and make turning and driving very difficult.

4-wheel drive vehicles have a more complex differential system than 2-wheel drive vehicles. They need to be present and operate on both the front and rear axles on 4-wheel drive vehicles. On 2-wheel drive vehicles, the non-driving wheels are independent and spin on their own without the need for a differential.

I hope now you can see how important both transfer cases and transfer differentials are to vehicles and you have a better understanding of each.

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Transfer Case
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