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Call Toll Free Now for the lowest prices on all Auto Repair Services from engine rebuilds to transmission repair. Give us a chance to save you money today

Having a mechanic you can trust is important. Put your trust in MWD Auto.

For over a decade midwest transmission distributors has been providing quality auto repair services and parts to the world. We also offer fast and affordable discount auto repair, used engine repair, transmission repairs and installation on-site at our state-of-the-art facility. With certified mechanics, the highest quality tools and a dedication to reliability and trust we want to help you save money in your time of need.

When your car or truck breaks down it's not fun. In fact it's one of the most stressful parts of life. If your car is not operating correctly or safely things get very scary very fast.

How do you get to work? How you transport your kids to daycare when your car doesn't start? How do you know what your payment is fair and that someone is not taking advantage of your situation?

In fact there are so many questions and unaccountable's. you don't want to get burned by cheap auto repair so you really need to stick close to home to be safe.

A local transmission shop here in Arizona would be much more apt to do a better job of repairing your broken engine, transmission or parts than someone that you have to drive a long ways to. The reason being is that they don't want you coming back complaining and unsatisfied. so they will do the work right the first time. This form of checks and balances definitely puts Midwest Transmission Distributors at the top of your auto repairs list. We are centrally located in Gilbert Arizona right off the 60 and we are minutes away from Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert AZ. We know how to fix cars and trucks fast. We know how to fix engines we know how to fix transmissions we know how to install everything and since we are a wholesale supplier of parts to the nation you not only save on your labor but on the auto replacement parts as well. Let us help you get back on the road for a fair price. Call us now or fill out our quote form above of and we will assist you immediately.

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Auto Repair / Installation
Mwd Auto offers Engine repair, transmission repair and installtion
MWD Can install your transmission and engine today as well as handling all of your az auto repair needs on site with our certified mechanics and state of the art transmission shop in gilbert, phoenix, chandler and mesa arizona facility.