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car-warrantyThe warranty is the best part
Because of our high-quality standards, our engines come with a NO HASSLE 3 Month Parts Warranty (unlimited miles) under normal driving conditions. Engines are also warranted to be free of knock or excessive smoking. Installation must be performed by a professional mechanic and all pre-installation & regular maintenance must be performed. Engines must be used in their intended OE application, as specified by MIDWEST TRANSMISSION DISTRIBUTORS, LLC. and the manufacturer.

Terms and conditions
Our warranty applies solely for customers in the Continental US; parts shipped outside of the continental US are not warrantied. Accessories, when included, such as fuel injection components, distributors, and water pumps are not covered under warranty. They are left on the engine for the convenience of the installer. Seals, gaskets and timing belts or chains should be inspected and replaced before installation, as they are not covered under warranty. We are not responsible for any expenses due to a failed part, including but not limited to labor costs, shipping costs (original& return), etc. We are not responsible for any personal injury or property damage during or as a result of the installation of our parts. In the rare case of a transmission failure please call our warranty department where a representative will assist you with the warranty process.
(1-866-539-0398) Warranty department hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
All returns or exchanges must be made within 30 days of the shipping date indicated on your sales receipt. After 30 days your order will be assumed satisfactory and claims of shipment errors or requests for returns or exchanges will not be accepted. All returns will be refunded less the shipping cost. All exchanges will incur a return shipping fee.

road-219847_640All of our used and remanufactured transmissions, engines or transfer cases will ship in 1-2 business day via our very affordable freight distribution network.

A tracking number for your shipment may be obtained by calling our shipping department during business hours. Depending on the shipping company we use, it may take up to a couple days after the Item has shipped before we receive a tracking number.

Oversize and heavy items are shipped via common Freight Carrier. Parts are palletized and strapped for shipping purposes. The shipping address you provide must be a COMMERCIAL ADDRESS, such as a business with a loading dock or forklift. If the location requires the assistance of a lift gate, contact us first.

Please contact me with your zip code so that I can get you accurate shipping rates.

You can trust MWD. We have been in the business of rebuilding, selling, and shipping new and remanufactured transmissions for over 10 years and have over 50,000 happy customers to show for it.

Residential Delivery
It is unlawful for a commercial freight company to drive an 18 wheeler truck into a residential area. A residential fee is applied whenever the shipping company has to switch trucks for a residential delivery. In order to avoid a residential fee, we can find a freight terminal closest to your location. When your product arrives, the freight terminal will contact you and set up a pickup time.

Core deposit
To keep our prices extremely low, we sell our transmissions and engines at a price based on a rebuildable core being returned to us. This is a temporary deposit that is withheld to ensure that we receive your old transmission or engine back.

How long do I have to return the core?
The core needs to be received within 30 days from the date of purchase to receive your full deposit.
Core fees are a refundable deposit.

MWD Can install your transmission and engine today as well as handling all of your Az auto repair needs on site with our certified mechanics and state of the art transmission shop in Gilbert, Phoenix, Chandler and Mesa Arizona facility.


With new cars costing a small fortune — average sales/transaction prices are now above $20,000 for the typical midsize family sedan, according to AAA — keeping an older car running for as long as possible gets more and more attractive.

It’s even more true today, since the cars of the recent past are so well built.

It’s not uncommon to get 150,000 miles out of a car these days — and the body will last almost forever, thanks to the superb corrosion protection methods adopted by most automakers.

But when the engine begins to smoke badly or just plain dies, does it make sense to replace it with a new one? Sometimes, but you should be aware that a new engine tied to old accessories and a worn transmission does not mean you’ve got a car that’s “as good as new.”

Complications of surgery

An engine swap is much more complicated than simply pulling the old mill and dropping in a fresh one. If your old engine had 150,000 miles, then your power steering, air conditioner, radiator, charging system, starter, transmission and other parts have racked up that many miles, too. Odds are they all need to be replaced as well.

For example, it’s not a good idea to bolt a new engine to a worn transmission. The added strain will likely cause it to fail in short order.

Likewise the other accessories, assuming they too are high-mileage items.

Unless you replace or rebuild the “engine infrastructure,” there’s no guarantee you won’t be facing constant repair bills — notwithstanding your “new” engine. In fact, the odds are pretty good that’s exactly what will happen.

Therefore, you should always factor in the cost of repairing and replacing these engine-related components to the costs of rebuilding or replacing the engine itself — plus the cost of installation. Typically, the final tab to have the transmission and accessories brought up to “like new” condition will be equal to or greater than the cost of the new engine itself.

Good as new?

On the other hand, if you have a car with an excellent, rust-free body and a suspension/brake system that have been recently rebuilt, ponying up that kind of dough can make a lot of sense — because you will have a car that is mechanically “new” for a fraction of the cost of a showroom model.

So done with forethought to the right car, an engine swap can revitalize a machine otherwise headed for the crusher. And that can save you a whole lot of green.

Let Midwest Transmission Distributors help you save money.

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